2016 – A New Year – A Fresh Start – Let’s Get Organized

The beginning of a new year is perceived as a fresh start for many of us. A time to make resolutions, set goals, and look forward to new successes.  Organizing is an effective way to begin the new year with a fresh start.

Are you overwhelmed and unsure of where to start?

Vector illustration of a young overhelmed mom trying to get together things in living room

Getting started is a challenge for many of us. This can be overwhelming and very stressful.

If you choose to organize everything, all at once, your chance of success is reduced.

The process becomes overwhelming and, more than likely, you will stop.


The Key to Success is to Start Small and Finish Big.




Does this look familiar?

Is your car parked in the garage or is stuff parked in your garage?


Perhaps it is a closet that makes you crazy.

Does your home or office, in general, feel cluttered and unorganized?  Does the thought of tackling this daunting task make you feel stressed?

Start small.

Pick one area, one room, or one closet at a time.  Work on the first area until completed, then the next, and so on.

You will have a sense of accomplishment and will be inspired to continue.

Before you know it – your home or office will be organized.

Organizing does not have to be limited to stuff or possessions.  This is a great time to review wills, insurance policies, and other important documents to ensure they are current and work with your lifestyle.

An organized home or office, without a lot of clutter and stuff, will make you feel less stressed. You will find that you have more time for other activities.  You will spend less time looking for things and more time enjoying your life.


Start your new year off with a fresh start by organizing your home or office.


Here are some great resources for organizing your home or office:

The Container Store

Pottery Barn

Whether your project is StagingInterior DecoratingProfessional Organizing, and/or Curb Appeal & Outdoor Spaces; we will guide you through the process, provide ideas and solutions for your project, and make your ideas a reality.

We ensure your space reflects “you” – works for you – and your budget.

We would love to hear from you regarding making your space organized.

Contact us for more information.  It will be our pleasure to work with you on your project!

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