8 Tips for Planning Your Decorating Project

Contemplating an Interior Decorating Project?

Developing a plan, prior to embarking on an interior decorating project, is always a good plan.  A complete and thorough plan can make the difference between an enjoyable experience and a project that fails or quickly becomes a disaster.


8 Tips for Planning Your Decorating Project

Strategies and tips to help make your renovation or decorating project a successful and enjoyable experience.  Pre-planning is key.


1 – Determine how much you will have to spend.

As with all projects, the amount of funds available will determine the scope of the project.

Completing this process will also help you to define the number of rooms you will be able to complete as well as; the types of items you will be able to incorporate into your decorating project.


2 – Determine how extensive your project will be.

There are many demands and factors that you will come across when completing a decorating project. Determining those demands and factors will give you an outline of what to expect and what may work best for you and your family.


For some of you, completing a large project all at once works with your budget, your personal needs, and family requirements. Living in the home, while renovating, is not an issue for some.  For others, completing the majority of the project on their own is not a problem.

You may find that completing the project in phases is a better fit with your finances and your family.  Decorating and renovating can be stressful and, living in the home while completing the project, can be very disruptive for you and your family.  Embarking on a DIY renovation and decorating project may not be a good option if you already have a super busy life.


3 – Define your style.

Defining the style will help you to focus on the types of materials, furniture, artwork, and accessories that will fit within the project. This will also help your decorating consultant as they will get a feel for the style you like.Living Room After

Have a look through design magazines and websites to see what style or styles you like. There are a number of great websites with pictures of styles and advice for all types of decorating projects.


These websites are some of our favourites:

Houzz              Elle Decor            Style at Home


4 – Spend some time looking at the room or rooms.

What do you love about the room? What do you dislike? What would you like to change?

Take your time and make a thorough list.  This process will help you to focus on what you need to change and what you do not need to spend money on.  This will also help you to determine the size of the project.


5 – Look at your existing furniture and accessories.

Eat in area after

Make a list of the items you are happy to change out, ones that could be modified to fit into your interior decorating project, and items you definitely want to keep.  This will help you to determine what you need to budget for.

For example:  you may have a piece of furniture that you love but has seen better days.  Can this item be refinished or re-upholstered to give it new life and save money?  Or does it need to be replaced?



6 – Create a budget – Before You Start.

Research the cost of materials, contractor fees/quotes, furniture, drapery, artwork, and accessories. Starting a project without obtaining costs beforehand may cost you more in the long run.  You will also have an indication of whether you need to adjust the size of your project and financial plans before you start.


7 – Keep track of money spent.

Decorating - workingThere is nothing more frustrating and stressful than discovering that funds have run out part way through the project. Having a working budget and a way to keep track of money spent may be the most crucial part of the project.

An Excel spreadsheet is a great tool for your decorating project.  You can enter the cost of items you need to purchase such as flooring and other materials, contractor quotes to complete the work, and the cost of any decorating consultations you may need.

The spreadsheet makes it easy to to calculate totals as you change items, quotes, and costs.


8 – Prepare for delays and budget for surprises.


Decorating - Stressed

Prepare for and factor in possible delays.  It only takes one missed deadline or delay with a supplier delivery to create a domino effect with your project.  These delays can happen unexpectedly and often are due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control.

Set aside funds to take care of unexpected surprises. This will alleviate the stress created when it comes to unexpected costs and extra project work. You never know what will be found under the flooring, behind walls, or within plumbing and heating systems once the project gets under way.

This is a light-hearted article from the Houzz site regarding 30 Design Mistakes Never to Make.  

Make Your Project a Successful Project

Interior decorating should be an exciting and pleasant experience that creates a finished space you will be proud of and wish to share with friends and family.  A good, solid plan prior to starting will save you time, money, and create less stress for you when working through your decorating or renovation project.

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