Earthquakes & Interior Decorating – What You Need to Know

 Given our recent earthquake – This is what you need to know

when it comes to artwork on the wall above the bed.

Often, I have been in a client’s home and guess what is on the wall above the bed? 

A large, framed picture – complete with glass. 

This can be very dangerous in the event of an earthquake.

The picture can cause serious injury if it falls on you while you are in bed – especially if it is heavy.  The glass can also shatter, when the picture falls off the wall, potentially covering you with shards and splinters of glass. 

Even if the picture is secured to the wall on all sides with screws or anchors it is dangerous.  If the wall moves enough, the glass can shatter and send shards onto you and cause serious injury.

Ideally for interior decorating, artwork on the wall above the bed should be lightweight and have no glass.  Stretched canvas prints could be used as long as they are secured properly.  They are much lighter and do not have heavy frames or glass frontsEarthquake picture (159x189) (159x189).

One large print, or ideally, three prints making up the same size on the wall would work great.  Just make sure they are secured to the wall so they do not fall on you and cause injury.  This will give you the décor and style you are looking for while still being safe.

Other things to avoid placing on the wall above the bed would be wooden wall carvings, metal art of any type, or clay or porcelain objects.

Stay safe!! 

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