Five Common-Sense Things You should Know About Home Staging

Commonly Asked Questions/Statements

With Regards to  Home Staging

Why should I sink more money into a home I am ready to leave?

It is difficult for most people to think about investing in a home they are ready to leave.  However, when selling your home, you want to sell quickly and, at minimum, for the asking price. You want to avoid having to reduce the selling price for things you could have repaired, changed, or improved.

Staging sounds expensive

Staging is the process of preparing your home for sale.  How you live in a home is simply far different from how you present it for sale.  In all markets, a well-presented product is important to achieving a successful sale.

The process can be tailored to the budget you have available.  Even the smallest improvements can go a long way. In addition, there are many different levels for Staging your home for sale.   However, sometimes doing extra and taking that presentation “up a notch or two” may mean preventing a request for a price reduction or being able to edge out a competitor by having a better presentation.

Staging - living roomAre first impressions really that important?

Most buyers make their decision based on emotion.

It only takes a few seconds for the buyer to form an opinion. You have to make those seconds count.

You want to put your best foot forward when selling your home in any market.

Having a well presented product will also attract the widest selection of potential purchasers.

I see pictures of homes on the web that are not presented well.  Why should I invest the time and money on mine?

Most buyers will search the web for homes on the market before visiting with their agent.

You greatly increase the chance that a buyer will choose your home first and make an appointment for a viewing if it presents well on the web.

A well presented home shows better for open houses and those all-important viewings with an agent.  In addition, getting ready for viewings with potential buyers and agents is much easier if you have prepared your home ahead of time.


I’m still not sold on the concept of Staging   and why I should go through the process

It may be helpful to think of the investment in Staging this way…..A home is one of the most significant investments people will make in their lifetime……Buyers will want to ensure their investment is a sound investment.

Buyers are far more likely to view your home if it is clean and presents well.  Buyers are less likely to invest in a home that appears to have issues before they buy it.

Staging Services to Help You Present Your Home at its Best!

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