Organizing your home for the Holidays – tips to get you started


With the holidays fast approaching, getting your home organized can be a daunting task.

Maybe you have guests coming for the holidays and need to get the guest room ready. Maybe it is a kitchen and dining room that needs to be organized for the big holiday meal.   Or maybe it’s “that room or area”. The one that drives you crazy and frustrates you to no end. The drop zone or the room that somehow has become the storage room for everything except for what should be there. 

The idea of getting all of this done combined with work, children, Christmas concerts, shopping, and the other things you need to do can be extremely stressful and overwhelming.

Here are a few simple tips to help you get started. After all – sometimes getting started seems to be the hardest part.

Armellas Organizing Tips To Get You Started

Try not to get overwhelmed when you go into the room or area

When you get that feeling of frustration that makes you think “this is impossible”. Take a few moments and try to determine how you would like the room to function and look.   This will give you a starting point and something to work towards. 

Make it a team effort

Try to get other members of the family involved in the process.  They will feel like they are part of the solution.  Getting children involved can be a great training exercise and provides useful life skills.

The tip of tips

Start small – end big.  Starting with smaller areas will help you by keeping the project manageable and less stressful.

Pinpoint where you will start

Pick an area you know you can finish in an hour or so.  An area that you can make a noticeable difference in a minimal amount of time, could be a closet, a corner of the room, top of a dresser, or a kitchen counter.

Create areas based on use and how you function in the space

This will give you the most function and ease of use in the areas you are setting up. 

For example we could look at two areas in a kitchen:  the cooking area and the food preparation area.  For the cooking area you would organize the pots, pans, cooking utensils, and spices close to the stove, microwave, and/or oven.  You would have the food preparation area close to food storage, the pantry, refrigerator, and sink. 

Sort & Re-sort

Pick a small area. Start by removing anything that you know needs to be tossed or that you know you are not going to use in the future.  If it needs to go in the garbage, do so.  Recycling goes in the recycling.  If any items are worth donating, put them in a spot designated for charity.  This will reduce the amount of items in the area.

Next, sort through what is left.  Again, have a serious look at what is there.  Ask yourself, are you really going to use all of the items that are left?  If not, re-sort and eliminate anything that can be disposed of, recycled, or donated.

Categorize the items that are left based on the function and use of the area you are setting up.  What items stay in the area you are working on?  Do any of the items need to be moved to another area in the room? Do any of the items need to be stored in another area of the home that would be a more appropriate spot for their use? Sticky notes are a great tool to use to tag items for areas and for action.

Clean thoroughly

The sense of clean is something that is very positive and refreshing.  You will be able to look at that area of the room and see how clean it looks and how refreshing it feels. 

Re-organize and set-up

Re-organize and set up the items you have sorted for the area you are working on.  Use containers, drawer inserts, glass bottles, canisters, baskets – anything that looks great and can be used to store items.  This gives you double duty – storage and something that looks great in the room or area.  Try to minimize the amount of items placed back onto a counter top or the top of a dresser.  This will prevent the look of clutter.

Enjoy your success

Reward yourself for your success! Even a small area that is clean, organized, and looks great is a big success. Once you have one area completed, this should give you the inspiration to move to the next area. 

Before you know it the room will be clean and organized.

In closing

If you are overwhelmed by the size of the organizing project, it is better to tackle smaller areas at a time.  Take an hour or two and follow through to the end of the process for each area if you can.  This will give you the sense of accomplishment and the “light at the end of the tunnel” so to speak. 

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Happy Holidays!!




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