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Create the ultimate work environment – A space that truly “works for you”.

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Like most business owners, you are busy doing what you do best – growing your business.

Paperwork, filing, and general organization may not be at the top of your list. The set up and visual look of your work space may not be working for success.  Often, working in the space can be a challenge due to clutter, constantly looking for items, and the decor in the room.

Create your ultimate work space with Interior Decorating and Professional Organizing services by Armellas Style In Design.

Form, Function, and Design for Your “Work” Space

  • Is your work space/office a place that you want to work in?
  • Is the décor outdated or not to your taste?
  • Do you find it stressful to work in the space?
  • Does it function for how you work in it and look great at the same time?
  • Does your work space/office provide a great first impression to your clients and customers?
  • Are you projecting a welcoming entrance?
  • Is your reception and waiting area inviting, comfortable, and pleasing to look at?
  • Are you facing your clients, or do you have your back to them, when they come into your office or work space?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, the following services will work for you.

Professional Organizing for Your Work Space

Make your work space start “working for you”.

Professional Organizing advice with sensible solutions to help you conquer the clutter and organize your work space.

Professional Organizing Services and Solutions:

  • Control the Clutter – assistance with removing and conquering the clutter as well as, set up of systems to keep your paperwork under control – now and in the future.
  • Filing Systems – paper and electronic filing systems that reflect your business operations, make sense to you and your business, and are easy to maintain.
  • Storage Systems – effective solutions to tidy up, store your paperwork and office supplies, and keep your space organized on an ongoing basis.
  • Furniture and work stations – advice and recommendations on furniture and cabinetry to keep the clutter under control

Maintenance plans and follow-up visits – So you can continue to stay organized and use your new organizing skills.

Testimonial – Organizing for small business

What clients are saying about their successful organizing projects.

“Sharon worked for us, on various projects, over a two-year period.  Interior Decorating and Professional Organizing projects were completed.

Our office required organizing and we needed an overhaul of our archived filing system.

Sharon set up the office with revamped furniture arrangements, new accessories, and other items.  This made the function of the office much more efficient.  The office was neat and tidy, easy to work in, and looked great when she was done.

Sharon worked on sorting through our office filing system.  She also worked on our archived filing. This included sorting through the files, arranging for shredding of appropriate paper work, and setting up a much-improved system.  The project was a great success.

We would recommend Sharon, from Armellas Style In Design, to any business looking for assistance.” – Eric Gant – Manatee Holdings – Courtenay, BC

Interior Decorating

When all elements come together to make the room feel just right.

A well presented productFirst Impressions are Lasting Impressions.

Your work space should reflect you, your business, and present a professional statement to your customers and clients.

The space should be a place where your clients and customers feel welcome and one that you enjoy working in.

Make a lasting first impression.  Reveal your style and personality with a well-designed space. Design elements are pulled together to create a customized look for your office or work space.

Interior Decorating Services and Solutions:

  • Space planning – how to set up your work space/office for the best use of the space, function, and traffic flow.
  • Furniture selection and set up – to ensure the furniture works efficiently within the work space, to create comfort, for durability, and how it relates to the rest of the room.
  • Lighting – selection of direct lighting for completing tasks, overall lighting for the room, and accent lighting to highlight artwork or architectural features.
  • Window treatments – selection for function including light and temperature control, glare on computer screens, as well as for style and an attractive décor.
  • Colour selection – in addition to work space appeal, choosing the right colour can affect productivity.
  • Artwork and accessories – are the finishing touches in the room and pulls all the decorating elements together.

Be it a home office or professional space – all elements should combine to provide the ultimate work environment.

Double Duty Home Office

Organizing - Office Corner BeforeThe client was using a second bedroom for an office. They wanted to be able to use the room for a bedroom when they have company.

The room was limited and there was too much furniture and stuff in the room.  The office was not functioning, and the work station was uncomfortable to work in.

Finding paperwork was a challenge as the office was cluttered and unorganized. Lost time, looking for paperwork, was becoming an issue for the client.

Organizing - Office After 1


Installation of a Murphy Bed gives the client the ability to use the room for a bedroom for company.

The space now functions as an office and a bedroom with shelves for storage.  Reduction in the amount of furniture creates more space and less visual clutter.

Organizing - Office Corner After


Two work stations were added.  The stations are much more comfortable to work in.

Installation of built-in cabinets and filing drawers provide storage for paperwork and supplies.

The office is organized and clutter free. The room is looks great and adds value to the home.

This is a space that really works for the client.

Staging for Vacation Rentals

Are you renting a room, whole home, or separate unit for a vacation rental?

4097 Dining Room

Showcase your vacation rental unit for the web listing. Stage the rooms for a photo shoot that highlights the positives your unit has to offer.

Staging services for effective furniture placement, dynamic placing of artwork, and effective arrangement of accessories so your rental space shows at its best.

4097 Living Room



Staging recommendations for additional accessories, artwork, decorative cushions, towels, bedding, and other items.

Shopping services are also provided to our clients.

Make sure your guests feel welcome, pampered, and enjoy their stay.

Proven Experience – We operated a successful guest house for several years.  Nootka Mist Guest House on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Professional advice and tips to make sure guests enjoy their stay and your vacation rental business is a success.


Testimonial – Staging for a Vacation Rental

The client’s comments on our Staging services for their vacation rental site

We were looking to advertise our home on a Vacation Rental site.  Sharon set up our home for a photo shoot.  She organized and set up the kitchen, dining room, living room, master bedroom, master bathroom, and two spare bedrooms.  The furniture was set up to work well for visitors. The home was set up to b e warm and welcoming for our future guests.  Sharon went shopping for new towels, throw cushions, and accessories to make the vacation rental look great.

We would recommend Sharon, from Armellas Style In Design, to anyone looking to set up their home or portion of a home for a vacation rental.” Lourdes Gant – Manatee Holdings – Courtenay, BC


We ensure your project reflects your style and works for your business. We listen to your vision, learn about your use for the space, functionality goals, and provide ideas and solutions for your project.

We would love to hear from you regarding your office organizing and decorating needs.

Contact us for more information.  It will be our pleasure to work with you on your project.

It’s Your Style, Your Project, and Our Expertise – A Winning Combination!

Armellas Style in Design is a multi-service company.  Services include   Interior Decorating   and   Professional Organizing   specializing in smaller office settings  Staging   and   Curb Appeal.  Services for   Real Estate Agents  and  Seniors.  Risk management includes Work Safe B C (WCB) coverage and liability insurance. Learn more on our  About us  page.