Decorated to Sell – Comox, BC

  • Living Room Before
  • Living Room After (2)
  • Living Room After
  • Eat in area before
  • Eat in area after
  • Dining Room Before
  • Dining Room After
  • Den Before
  • Den After
  • Master Bedroom Before
  • Master Bedroom After

Interior Decorating and Staging to Sell – Transforming the Negatives to Positives

The decision to stage a home is often made after the home has been on the market for some time without selling.  This vacant home has been on the market for over a year.

When preparing to stage a home, we listen to comments the client and Realtor receive from potential purchasers who have viewed the home.  Interior decorating is a big component of the staging process and the two merge to showcase the positive features of the home.

Comment – “The rooms look small and we do not care for the wall colours.”

Solution – Staging the home with furniture and accessories makes the rooms appear larger.  In the living room, artwork with a grey and red component is added. The cushions are matched to the colour in the artwork.  Decorating with bold artwork and accessories takes the focus away from the wall colours.

Comment – “The eat-in area and dining area are next to each other.  Two tables would look awkward.”

Solution – The eat-in area is set up as a place to sit, relax, have a glass of wine while visiting with anyone cooking in the kitchen area. The dining area is set up with a table and chairs.  This is a much better use of the two spaces.

Purchasers could replace the existing counter top with an extended counter top to accommodate counter stools.  This would create a second seating area that does not look awkward by using two tables.

Comment – “The den is small and somewhat dark.”

Solution – The den is staged with colourful artwork, a desk, accessories, and additional lighting. Having furniture and accessories in the room gives a sense of scale and purchasers can see the size of the room and how it can be set up.

Comment – “There does not seem to be enough room in the master bedroom for a queen-sized bed and other furniture.”

Solution – After staging the master bedroom, it is quite evident that the room is large enough for a queen-sized bed, additional bedroom furniture, and there is enough room for a sitting area.

The home is decorated and staged to sell.

The home is staged to showcase the positives – decorating in a style that is contemporary and showcases the homes’ features and colours.

The home sold.  Buyers were able to see past the negatives and embrace the positives this home has to offer.

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