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Decorating & Redesign – Refresh and Update

The home owner is looking for assistance with space planning and furniture placement in her home.  She wants to create a sense of space in a somewhat crowded, open-concept living and dining area.

The redesign project includes purchasing furniture and accessories that capture the client’s personality, develops the style the client is looking for, and pulls the two areas of the home together in a cohesive way.

A mix of new furniture and accessories combined with favourite items the client owns and wants to use in the plan.

Interior Decorating – Redesign

The goal of a redesign project is to create a design plan that improves on what is already there.  Redesign is an affordable way to refresh an existing design without going through the expense of a full interior decorating project.  The budget, for this redesign project, is between $3,000.00 – $7,500.00.

Redesign Plan

To create more space in the living and dining areas.  Use the existing sofa as the client does not want to change it out.  Replace the love seat, large round coffee table, and large glass dining table with pieces that do not take up as much space.

The client wants to purchase artwork, throw cushions, and accessories to pull the design elements together and create a cohesive look between the two spaces.  Additional items are purchased for the master bathroom and main floor bathroom to pull the design plan to those rooms as well.

Design Elements

Materials and Style

Decorating with a mix of wood, pottery, wire baskets, wicker baskets, upholstery, candles, and faux flowers creates visual appeal.  These design elements are used to bring a mix of modern and European style to the home.  Modern, antique, and rustic elements are used to create interest.

The furniture pieces consist of a new wood coffee table, console table, and dining table in the same style.  A new occasional chair fits into the space much better and adds a bit of contrast to the other pieces of furniture in the space.  The dining chairs are items the client will change later.

Form, Texture, Pattern

The existing sofa creates the design style in the home. The rolled arms and nail-head finishing creates form in the room.  The coffee table, console table, and dining table also creates form with the shape and style of the pieces.

Textured throw cushions, upholstery with nail-head finishes, wooden candle holders, wire baskets, wicker baskets, faux flowers, and decorative grasses create texture in different areas of the home.

The large piece of artwork in the living room, patterned throw cushions, pottery items with decorative wording, metal cans, and a bird cage candle holder creates pattern throughout different rooms in the home. Most of these items are new and are integrated with items the client has and loves.

Redesign Project  – When all elements come together to make the room feel just right

The home transformed from a somewhat crowded space and design plan that did not relate between rooms to a home with a sense of space and a cohesive design plan.  The client loves her new space.

Testimonial – Redesign Project

Sharon was a pleasure to work with, she did a fantastic job of blending my favourite existing pieces with new to achieve an updated look.  I highly recommend her company, everything was on time, on budget, and exactly what I was looking for!  Cat C – Comox, BC

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