Occupied Home Staging – Waterfront Home – Courtenay, BC

  • 1 Staging - Waterfront Home Dining Room
  • 2 Staging - Waterfront Home - Before - Entrance
  • 3 Staging - Waterfront Home - After - Entrance
  • 4 Staging - Waterfront Home - Before - Kitchen Dining Room
  • 5 Staging - Waterfront Home Kithen Dining Room After
  • 6 Staging - Waterfront Home Living Room Before
  • 7 Staging - Waterfront Home Living Room After
  • 12 Staging - Waterfront Home
  • 8 Staging - Waterfront Home Sunroom Before
  • 9 Staging - Waterfront Home Sunroom After
  • 10 Staging - Waterfront Home Upstairs Bedroom Before
  • 11 Staging - Waterfront Home Upstairs Bedroom After

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions!

Home owners have one chance to capture a buyer’s attention, make sure the buyer makes an emotional connection with the home, and secure the sale of their home.

This occupied, waterfront home has been on the market for a year without results.  The current set up does not showcase what this home has to offer.

Potential buyers are not seeing how this home provides waterfront living at its best.

The home owners have decided to stage the home to refresh and improve the presentation of their listing and sell the home.

A staging consultation has been completed and a staging plan developed.  Reducing the number of items, a change of furniture, and new accessories will transform this home and highlight the positives it has to offer.

The home is staged with the ocean and beach in mind.  A turquoise colour and beach-style accessories showcase what waterfront living has to offer.  The home now makes that all-important first impression.

The home is warm and welcoming.  Each room has a sense of space and takes advantage of the outstanding views.  Architectural features are highlighted.

Buyers can see the full potential for this home and how they could enjoy waterfront living at its best.

The home has sold, and the home owners are extremely happy.

If you would like to stage your home for a successful sale, contact us. It will be our pleasure to work with you to present your home at its best.

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