Revealing the Potential – 1970’s Rancher – Courtenay, BC

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Staging to Reveal the Potential – 1970’s Rancher

This 1970’s rancher has been on the market for an extended period without offers to purchase.  The home needs a few updates but is in a great location and the yard is lovely.

A mix of flooring styles, dated features, and upgrades needed make this home a challenge for buyers.  The home is vacant, so the negatives are very noticeable. Buyers are having a difficult time seeing the potential in this property.

The Realtor suggested staging the home to improve the presentation, refresh the listing, and create new interest in the property.  The home owners have agreed to stage the vacant home and have asked us for assistance.

The staging is set up to encourage buyers to look past the dated features and see the potential in this home.  The home is staged in a rustic style combined with transitional pieces to create contrast and interest in the rooms.

Transitional furniture, rustic accessories and artwork, light area rugs, throw cushion, and bedding transforms the feeling in this home.  Buyers can see past the negatives and appreciate what this home has to offer.

The home sold in 30 days.  The buyer wants to purchase all the furniture and staging inventory used in the home.  A successful project for sure!

Testimonial – Vacant Home Staging

What the home owners are saying about their successful staging project.

“After months of a lukewarm response by potential buyers for our vacant house we changed realtors and were advised to consider staging our home. Sharon stepped in quickly and did the staging over the weekend, fitting into a tight schedule so we could get our home back onto the market.

When we stepped back into our home, we were amazed. Sharon had created individual spaces with specific purpose and beauty, suggesting how a buyer could turn the house into their home. She upgraded the ambience of the house from 1970’s to contemporary.

There were places to linger and admire, decorative hints that repeated throughout to pull the home together. You could stand in a room and imagine being already moved in and enjoying life there. Placement of furniture and accessory groups drew you to the views outside. We have special Japanese drawers built into the living room and they are now the stars of the space.

But I think the potential buyers’ response in their offer says it all. They wanted the furniture, to take the house just as it was. They were enchanted and you can’t ask for a better result than that! Sharon is professional and reliable, and we couldn’t be more pleased.” Dorothy Drubek – Courtenay, BC

If you would like to stage your home for a successful sale, contact us. It will be our pleasure to work with you to present your home at its best.

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