Staging – Showcased to Sell – Campbell River BC

  • Staging of Executive Home Exterior
  • Staging of Exective Home - Entranceway
  • Staging of Executive Home - Living Room 2
  • Staging ofExecutive Home - Living Room
  • Staging of Executive Home - Eat In Area
  • Staging of Executive Home -  Family Room
  • Staging of Executive Home - Dining Room
  • Staging of Executive Home - Master Bedroom Snug
  • Staging of Executive Home -  Master Bedroom
  • Staging of Executive Home - Master Bedroom - Bedding

Showcased to Sell with Staging of an Executive Home

This vacant home is quite large with impressive architectural features.  As a vacant home, these features are not showcased.  The rooms are large and empty spaces that do not reflect the style of this home.

The entry is very open.  The staircase and walkway have beautiful, metal railings.  The family room is to the right.  A large games room is on the other side of the entry.  The living room, eat-in area, kitchen, formal dining room, family room, games room, and master bedroom are rooms that are staged.

The home is staged with neutral furniture, colourful artwork, cream coloured area rugs, a mix of colour and style in the decorative cushions, and simple accessories.  A combination of materials including wood, metal, glass, and wicker are used to create interest and contrast throughout the home.

Staging transforms the empty spaces, creates a home, and showcases the many features this home has to offer. Buyers can see how lovely and impressive this home is.

The home sold.  The buyers saw the potential and the beautiful features in this executive home.

If you would like to stage your home for a successful sale, contact us. It will be our pleasure to work with you to present your home at its best.

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