Summer Heat, Water Restrictions, and Water Conservation

Summer Heat, Water Restrictions, and Water Conservation

As the summer heat continues, many Municipalities have implemented water restrictions. The restrictions reduce the times during the day and days permitted for watering. Lawn watering may be restricted completely. If you are on a well, you may be trying to minimize the impact on the water level in your well system.

Curb Appeal and Gardens  Curb appeal and Gardens

Many of you have made a significant investment in creating attractive curb appeal for your home or are in the process of improving your curb appeal. 

You will be looking for ways to ensure your landscaping investment remains intact during water shortages and restrictions.                                                                                  

Better Homes & Gardens provides a selection of heat-tolerable plants and flowers that have a better chance of surviving during hot spells.

(Picture by Better Homes & Gardens)

Watering Ornamental Hedges, Shrubs, and Flowers

One option for keeping your hedges, ornamental shrubs, flowers, and gardens watered during water restrictions is a drip irrigation system.  Many Municipalities allow drip irrigation during the most intense water restrictions.  Using a drip irrigation system can also reduce the impact on your well.

This is a great article, by Saving Water Partnership, on the advantages and disadvantages of various irrigation systems.  The information may help you with selecting the best irrigation methods for your landscaping and gardens.


You may have invested in an automated sprinkler system for your lawn.  However if water restrictions and prohibitions are put in place, lawn watering may not be allowed at all. Many of you may not water your lawn during the summer months, particularly if you are on a well.

This article, from the City of Richmond, provides helpful tips to keep the impact on your lawns and gardens at a minimum.  Another resource is Canadian Gardening.


Conservation of a Precious Resource

Water conservation….ways to save a very precious resource….a resource that is not guaranteed and very often taken for granted.


Here are some fun and helpful tips by Water Use It Wisely for participating in water conservation.  This is a really fun, interactive site.  There is a section for children that educates while having fun at the same time.  

 (Picture by Wikipedia – pictures of waterfalls)

We hope this information assists you to reduce the impact of water restrictions and water shortages on your curb appeal, gardens, and lawns as well as, provides you with fun ways to conserve water.    


Do you have tips and ideas for dealing with water restrictions and water conservation?

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Enjoy your summer!!





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