Curb Appeal & Outdoor Spaces

Selling, Buying, or Staying in Place

Whether you are selling your home, buying a new home, or staying in place – curb appeal is what creates the all-important first impression.

Selling Your Home

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions



Let’s consider what buyers see first — the outside of your home.

Most buyers decide on whether to pursue looking inside a home by the impression made from the curb appeal.




When buyers first see your home from the street, it only takes about 10 seconds to form an opinion.

You must make those 10 seconds count!


Buying a Home or Staying in place



A new fence, flower beds, and gardens can transform your front yard to an oasis. Pop in an architectural element for a polished look.

Create a front yard that makes an impact and draws you in.




Make a warm and inviting front entrance way. Small improvements can go a long way.

For example: a coat of paint, a new front door, potted plants, improved lighting, and a welcome mat are all simple changes that can make a big difference.


Outdoor Living Spaces

Front Deck - After Side View

Reveal your style and personality and make your outdoor space a beautiful space.

Create a space that is an extension of your home.  A place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the company of family and friends.

Exterior decorating services to help you improve the style and functionality of your outdoor space.



Consultations and Professional Advice for Your Project and Improvements

  • Front entrance improvements – to make your entrance warm and inviting including the front door style and colour, furniture, and accessories.
  • Outdoor spaces – product and decorating recommendations to create that special outdoor living space
  • Exterior colour selections – for a fresh and updated look.
  • Yard maintenance recommendations – so your yard is clean, trimmed, mowed, edged, and in tip-top shape.
  • Planting selections and design – to create flower beds and gardens that are easy to maintain and will showcase your home’s best features.
  • Sourcing and shopping services – for materials and design elements that create the “final touch” and pull your curb appeal together.

Exterior Consultations for our Clients

Using Colour for Impact


Using colour can be an effective way to create a dynamic entrance.

Previously, the front door on this home was painted white which blended into the exterior colour of the home.

Painting the door, the same colour as the flower boxes, transforms the entrance and the look of the exterior of the home.

Exterior Colour Consultation


Our client was looking for help with updating the exterior colour of their home.

They disliked the brown colour and felt that the home looked dated.

They were looking for a colour palette that would be more suitable with the salt and pepper colour of the roof as well as, provide an updated look.


Curb Appeal - Colour Consultation AfterThey chose a blue-grey colour palette from Benjamin Moore. The clients completed the work with advice and follow-up visits from us.

The home now has a fresh look with an updated colour scheme.

They will be working on a future DIY landscaping project with ideas we provided for curved front gardens and planting ideas.


Testimonial – Exterior Colour Consultation

What clients are saying about Armellas Style in Design

“We asked Sharon to give our home some curb appeal as the outside trim and door colours of our home were very outdated.  Her advice on exterior colours and where to use them was very impressive.  Armellas Style In Design provides professional advice and outstanding communication and feedback to ensure we were completely satisfied.  Sharon made several house calls at no extra charge to ensure the chosen painted trim matched the Benjamin Moore fan deck colours.  We will definitely be using her services again when we start interior painting and decorating!”  Rod & Rachel – Courtenay BC

Recommendations and advice for exterior update

A young couple contacted us, for a consultation, to update the exterior of their home and front yard.

They chose a cottage garden concept as their starting point.  The current colour of their home is navy blue and white.  We suggested painting their home in a lovely mid-tone grey with soft white trim.  A spicy red for the front door and garage doors.

Cottage arbour (550x733)

We suggested a picket fence, arbour, and window boxes with a trellis between. (Better Homes and Garden has some great examples of how this could look).  All painted in the same soft white as the trim on the house.

Using stacked, grey bricks for a border around the flower gardens and fire pit will pull the colours together.

Better Homes & GardensRecommendations and choices for flowers and plants for their cottage garden were also given.

They are in the process of completing their project.  Looking forward to seeing the final product.

Pictures from Better Homes & Gardens

Curb Appeal and Outdoor Space consultations – where all elements combine to create the ultimate outdoor environment.

We ensure your project reflects your style and works with your lifestyle. Gift certificates are available and make a thoughtful gift for anyone looking for our services.  (Pricing).


We would love to hear from regarding your project.

Contact us for more information.  It will be our pleasure to work with you on your outdoor project.

It’s Your Style, Your Project, and Our Expertise – A Winning Combination!

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