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Selling Your Occupied Home.

You want to obtain the best return on your investment, you want your home to sell quickly, and for the highest price possible.

A poor presentation with too much stuff, clutter, and an ineffective flow within the home can negatively affect the sale of your home.

Even in a hot market – presentation is key for both the web listing and to entice potential buyers view your home. 

Staging your home enables you to accomplish this and delivers results.

Why Home Staging is Essential When Selling Your Occupied Home.

When you list your home, the web pictures should showcase a home that buyers will be eager to view.

You want your listing to stand out from the other listings on the market and entice multiple buyers to view your home. 

This is not to say that your home is not already beautifully decorated or maintained. 

How you live in your home is simply different than how you present it for sale.

To attract the widest selection of potential buyers, your home must show at its best.

Entice buyers to make that all-important emotional connection to your home. Stage your occupied home for a successful sale.

Occupied Home Staging Consultations

The staging consultation includes a walk-through of the interior and exterior of your home with you. 

You are provided with recommendations, customized to your home, to assist you to prepare your home for a successful sale.

Effective furniture arrangements for flow within the home, placement of artwork, and selection and placement of accessories are completed to ensure your home is staged for sale.

Using your artwork, accessories and furniture is always the first choice.

Recommendations may be made for additional accessories, artwork, decorative cushions, towels, bedding, and other items to make sure your home shows at its best.

Your home is prepared to go onto the market and is “show ready” for viewings and the web listing. 

Take the stress out of getting ready for viewings

Staging tips for making viewings as easy as possible with a minimal amount of preparation time.

Too busy to shop or not sure what to buy?

Shopping services to assist you with picking the right additions to stage your home for success.

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