Redesign Your Home for a Fresh and Updated Look.

Looking for a fresh and updated design in your home but do not have the energy or the budget for a full remodel?

Redesign is an affordable option for transforming and refreshing any room or home.

You do not have to break the budget to get results and create the designer look everyone is looking for.  Cosmetic changes can make a big difference.

Redesign is a process of using what you have, in an improved way, to create a better design.

Furniture is placed to improve the flow within a room or the home.

Artwork is displayed to be dynamic. 

Accessories are arranged, in groups, to create interest.

New items are added to give your home a refreshing makeover.

Recommendations for window coverings, area rugs, decorative cushions, wall colours, and other items to update your home.

Interior decorating services to assist you with redesigning your existing decor, pulling the look together, and creating a beautiful space. 

A happy client's comments on their Redesign project

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