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Staging Services

Staging services to save you time working with your client, reduce the amount of time you spend on staging advice, and to get your listing on the market faster.

Occupied and vacant home staging service to help your clients present their home at its best.

As a REALTOR®, you understand the importance of presenting a home at its best for the selling process.

Staging can make the difference between a home that stands out from the crowd and a home that blends into the rest of the listings on the market.

Occupied Home Staging

Staging - living room

The staging consultation includes a walk-through of the interior and exterior of your client’s home.

Recommendations are made for cosmetic changes to prepare their home for a successful sale.

Effective furniture arrangements for flow within the home, placement of artwork, and selection and placement of accessories are completed to ensure the home is staged for sale.

The home is prepared to go onto the market and is “show ready” for viewings and the web listing.

Testimonials – Occupied Home Staging

What our clients are saying about Staging their home for a successful sale.

“Sharon worked with us to prepare our home for sale.  The transformation was amazing; wish we had completed the changes/improvements a long time ago!  Our house had 8 viewings and 2 offers within 5 days after listing it! We sold in under a week.  I would definitely recommend Sharon, her suggestions definitely influenced how well our home showed” Carole – Campbell River, BC

“Sharon helped us when our house was on the market.  She was very creative with her ideas and made suggestions for what we had to do in order to make our home more appealing.  Sharon utilized what we had in our home and made recommendations for furniture placement and décor changes that cost very little.  Our home sold within a month!  We were very thankful for Sharon’s expertise and very pleased with the results.”  Mike and Alicia, Campbell River, BC

“Sharon was one of the greatest gifts we have given ourselves.  We are selling our home and being so busy working we always wanted to update and refresh our home but never really know where to begin.  Sharon moved our furnishings around, took me shopping, and explained how colour and space can make a great difference in your ambience.  Even if our home doesn’t sell at this moment, we are so thankful for an unexpectedly low cost were able to simply do what we always wanted to do.  Thank you, Sharon, for everything.”   Janice Bernhard, Courtenay, BC

Vacant Home Staging

Staging for Realtors - BedroomStaging transforms empty spaces into a home and helps buyers to see how they could live in the home they are viewing.

Recommendations and arrangements are made for furniture rentals for the home.

The next step is to set up the furniture, artwork, area rugs, throw cushions, towels, bedding, and accessories to transform the vacant spaces into a home.  We have an extensive inventory of artwork, area rugs, cushions, and accessories to provide the “final touch” to stage a vacant home.


Testimonials – Vacant Home Staging

What our clients are saying about staging their vacant home for a successful sale.

“After months of a lukewarm response by potential buyers for our vacant house we changed realtors and were advised to consider staging our home.  Sharon stepped in quickly and did the staging over the weekend, fitting into a tight schedule so we could get our home back onto the market.

When we stepped back into our home we were amazed.  Sharon had created individual spaces with specific purpose and beauty, suggesting how a buyer could turn the house into their home.  She upgraded the ambience of the house from 1970’s to contemporary.  There were places to linger and admire, decorative hints that repeated throughout to pull the home together.  You could stand in a room and imagine being already moved in and enjoying life there.  Placement of furniture and accessory groups drew you to the views outside.  We have special Japanese drawers built into the living room and they are now stars of the space.

But I think the potential buyers’ response in their offer says it all.  They wanted the furniture, to take the house just as it was.  They were enchanted and you can’t ask for a better result than that! Sharon is professional and reliable, and we couldn’t be more pleased.”   Dorothy Drubek – Courtenay, BC

“Sharon is a true professional with an eye for detail.  She staged my house that I was putting up for sale and I was wowed by the result! If you are planning on staging your empty house, I recommend Sharon.” Emily Kim – Courtenay, BC

Listings that are not selling

A fresh look can make a big difference.

Staging for Realtors - Living Dining

Occupied and vacant home staging consultations.

A Staging consultation is an effective tool to improve the presentation of the home and create new interest in your listing.

Staging makes the difference between a home that stands out from the crowd and a home that blends into the rest of the listings on the market.

We work with the home owner to improve the set up so potential buyers can see the value in the home.

Testimonial – Improving the Presentation

What our clients are saying about improving the presentation of their home for sale.

“We were not having any luck with selling our empty house.  So, we decided to call Sharon for some advice.  She is easy to work with and at a very reasonable price.  I love what she did with the place.  I would recommend Sharon to everyone.” Catherine Haddon – Comox, BC

Did you know that we do more than Home Staging?

Services to assist your clients with downsizing, moving in, and decorating their new home.

Professional Organizing 

Clients who are downsizing

Organizing services to assist your client with downsizing including sorting through their items, selling or donating of items, determining which items they will be moving to their new place of residence.

Interior Decorating

Clients who are moving into a new home

Seniors - Living RoomPlacing furniture and accessories from a previous home can be a challenge for many home owners.

Professional advice and solutions including setting up, space planning, furniture arrangements, artwork choices, placing accessories, lighting arrangements, and other decor choices.

Interior and exterior colour consultations.  Shopping services including assistance with selecting window coverings, flooring choices, tile and back splash choices, artwork, accessories, and area rugs.  Working with your client to pull all design elements together in their new home.


Testimonial – Moving in to a New Condo

Comments on a very successful project.

“I recently moved to the Comox area where I bought a condo.  I was overwhelmed with the idea of interior decorating and found Sharon from Armellas Style in Design.  She was able to meet at my place immediately.  She helped with ideas of what would work best in the space and what my style was like.

Sharon came with me to look in stores and check prices.  She kept me grounded and was excellent on working within a budget.  I have a wonderful place now exactly as I wanted, and Sharon was instrumental in helping me achieve it.

Thank you, Sharon, for your help and guidance.”   Brenda Sarvis – Comox, B.C.

Clients who are moving into a retirement living centre

Staging for Realtors - ShellsOften retirement living centres have one bedroom or studio suites that can be quite small. We have innovative ideas and solutions for small spaces. Furniture selections that work in a smaller setting.

Professional advice and solutions to help your client decide what current furniture will fit in the new space without making the room feel closed in and crowded.

Decorating ideas including artwork, accessories, furniture placement, and lighting solutions to make the space look great and feel like home.

Thank-you gifts for your clients

If you are preparing a “thank-you” basket or gift package for a client, contact us.  We have complimentary gift certificates, toward our services, that you could include in the basket or package.  Some limitations may apply.

We would love to hear from you or your client regarding their project.

Contact us for more information. It will be our pleasure to work with you and your client to present their home at its best.

It’s Their Style, Their Project, and Our Expertise – A Winning Combination!

Armellas Style In Design is a multi-service company.   Services include:  Staging   Interior Decorating   Organizing   Curb Appeal.  Services for  Business & Professionals  and  Senior Services.  Risk Management includes Work Safe BC (WCB) coverage, and carry liability insurance. Learn more on our  About us  page.