The Dark Days of Winter are Almost Upon Us. We Need Light!

If you live in the northern hemisphere – Canada in particular – you know what we are talking about.  The days get shorter as winter progresses.  If you live on the West Coast, the days can be grey and gloomy.IMG_1603 - Copy

Then there is the dreaded winter time change that seems to make the evenings very long.  Even though the clock is only moved back by one hour, it seems to make the days and especially the evenings last forever.

This is when good lighting in your home, office, and any workspace is crucial.  If you are effected by the shorter days and gloomy skies, good lighting takes on a whole new meaning.

Lighting choices in your home can be broken down into three main categories.

Your room(s) should include the three main lighting choices.  For those of you who are affected by the shorter days, make your lighting more instead of less.  Balance your lighting so you can choose to light up the room completely when needed and lower the lights if you feel you want a cozier space.

Ambient Lighting is the general lighting of a room – the lights that light up the room as a whole.  Examples include pot lights, track lighting, chandeliers, and ceiling lights.  The room should be lit in all corners when the lights are on full.  Do not forget to use light dimmers so you can adjust the amount of light and set the mood should you wish for less lighting in the room.

Task Lighting is more localized and aids with completing tasks. Examples include desk lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, and under-the-counter lighting in the kitchen.

Accent Lighting is the lighting that is used to create drama in the room.  Examples include lights that highlight artwork and lighting that showcases architectural features in the room.

Another form of lighting is decorative lighting.  This type of lighting is treated as a design element.  Examples include candles, light from a fireplace, or a small decorative lamp.  It does not give out a great amount of light but adds a decorative element.

Light bulbs come in many forms and functions.

Regular, Halogen, LED, Fluorescent, and Simulated Day-Light or Full-Spectrum Bulbs.  This is a great article by HGTV on different types of light bulbs.

Changes are coming in the types of bulbs that will be available for sale.  This article from the Government of Canada outlines those changes.

Full Spectrum lighting is often used for people who suffer from the effects of winter’s darkness.  These lights can be purchased from lighting shops and often can be rented by home medical supply stores.  There are a number of different sizes from desktop to larger, free-standing models.

Add a “Pop” of Colour to Your Décor


Colour can make a room seem brighter.  A simple way to do this is to add colour in the form of accessories.  Cushions, accessories, artwork, bedding, and window coverings can add depth and make a room seem brighter.

This is an inexpensive way to change out your décor for the winter and brighten up your rooms.

The colour of light bulbs can affect your décor, paint colours, and accessories.

Blue lighting should be used with cool colours.  Warm light will change the tone of your paint colours and accessories. Warm lighting should be used with warm colours and tones.  Blue light will change the tone of your paint colours and accessories.



Bust out of the darkness – Lighting and colour can make a huge difference in the impact of those dark and dreary winter days.



Armellas Style in Design can help you make your space brighter with lighting and colour solutions.

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